It's day one of phase one here in Alberta. 

A lot of local businesses will be opening their doors today after being shuttered for the last couple of months. 

Included in stage one are hair salons & barber shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars, post secondary schools, museums and art galleries, day cares, additional allied health services, places of worship and funeral services as well as day camps.

All of these openings do come with strict guidelines and criteria laid out by the government. 

For more information about the specifics go here .

I know businesses owners are eager to open their doors but there's a lot of stress and anxiety that goes along with opening up again and it's going to take a cautious approach to do this successfully. 

So many Cochrane businesses have done an amazing job at adapting during the pandemic with online shopping options and curbside pickup and delivery services. 

I want to know who is opening their doors in the Cochrane area today?

Let me know by sending me an email

~ Lauren