Nearly two years ago, Rocky View Schools (RVS) gave conditional approval for advocates to proceed with fundraising to redevelop the field between the tri-schools in the Cochrane Heights neighbourhood into a multipurpose field and athletics facility.

It will now be explored further during a Zoom meeting on Wednesday, Mar. 31, starting at 6:30 p.m.

"We have an opportunity to build something here," says Tracy Lyons, Cochrane High assistant principal, in a YouTube invitation. "We need your help. We're looking for your input, we're looking for your feedback, and we're certainly looking for your creative ideas."

The Cochrane Track and Field Association (CTFA) was founded in order to build, maintain and operate an inclusive multi-purpose field and athletics facility for recreational, cultural, and cross-curricular educational purposes at the location.

Interested people can participate in the meeting by going here