Four weeks in and Market at the Bow is settling in nicely at their new location at the Spray Lakes Saw Mills Family Sports Centre parking lot.

With health and safety guidelines still in place, this past weekend saw the market transition into a full market with more vendor participation.

Market by the Bow is committed to providing a safe shopping environment and experience for customers, vendors as well as volunteers, and while many of the social elements are missing this year, the new implementations are proving to work well.

There's no doubt that the market does have a different look and feel this year. Gone are the buskers and face painters and many of the shoppers can now be seen sporting facemasks and gloves.

Market Manager Valerie McCracken and her team have worked with Alberta Health as well as Agriculture and town officials to ensure they are meeting all the physical distancing requirements.

The SLSFSC parking lot gives them sufficient room to ensure ample spacing between the vendors, and a clear vision to help control crowd numbers.

With extended hours this year, the market now runs from 9 am - 2 pm each Saturday, with the first hour designated for the safety and convenience of seniors in the community. 

Even with the new look, feel and name of this year's market, Cochranites continue to show their support for our local farmers and artisans and can still enjoy the same quality products that The Cochrane Farmers' Market has always provided.