Alberta Fish and Wildlife have determined that a mature female grizzly bear is the animal responsible for a recent fatality in Waiparous.

The area around Waiparous Village has been closed since May 5, following the tragic death of David Lertzman.

Wildlife Officials have been actively searching for the bear since then but have not been successful so far.

Based on evidence, officers say that a single bear was involved in the attack, and it was "likely a defensive encounter and not a predatory attack."

It's not known whether the female grizzly was accompanied by cub(s).

According to the Municipal District of Bighorn, the area around the Waiparous Village Trail System, north of the village will remain closed for at least another two weeks as officers continue to monitor the area.

For the safety of the public, the trails are blocked off with closure tape, and officials are asking people not to enter.

Fish and Wildlife officers say that anyone attempting to enter this area could be charged and fined.