Mayor Jeff Genung believes the municipal election results are a sign that residents agree with the direction council has taken.

"I think we were just given a huge vote of confidence to carry on the work that we've started. We have a lot of things that we've begun, and it's time to carry on. I'm excited that we don't have to bring in a new person and catch them up. We can hit the ground running and get back to work tomorrow."

He says knowing where each member is coming from on issues makes it easier to keep things rolling along.

"I'm really looking for consistency and common ground. With a calm, consistent approach, we're going to see some good things over the next four years."

Morgan Nagel remains the youngest town councillor, and he has been the most popular candidate for the last two elections.

He gives plenty of credit to his team.

"I had a lot of family members and friends step up and help me deliver door hangers and get signs out. I literally could not have done it without them. Cochrane has gotten big, way too big for one person to handle all on their own. I owe my victory to all my volunteers and supporters."

He's pleased with the progress made by the council in the last term but says there's no time for council to rest on its laurels.

"Looking to the future, I think the first order of business is we all have to get together to set some really clear goals for the next four years. We can't take the community's support for granted. We have to keep earning our keep."

Entering her fifth consecutive term, Tara McFadden is the veteran on council. She's on track to surpass Ross Watson as the longest-serving town councillor.

"It's great to be re-elected again and kept and maintained the faith of Cochranites and that the vision I bring to the table is valued by many." 

Marni Fedeyko is now entering her second term, and like most candidates wasn't sure what would happen yesterday.

"I think that people probably have faith, and I think there's also a little bit, not to say that we were ripped off in the last couple of years, but really with COVID, there was a lot of stuff we could do differently other than what we did. Maybe they just want to see how we carry on for the next few years without the many restrictions that we've already faced."

Susan Flowers is also entering her second term.

"I loved working with this group, and it's hard to believe it will be the same six. We had some great debates and made some good progress, so I'm looking forward to getting back at the table and getting some more work done."

Patrick Wilson said he wasn't sure what the results would be but feels blessed and honoured to be back.

"We started a lot of good things last term, and I'm looking forward to the execution and management of seeing them through. I'm happy to be here."

Alex Reed wasn't available for comment.

Mayor Jeff Genung and the town councillors will be sworn in on Oct. 25.

Election results become official at noon on Oct. 22.