Just 15 minutes before last night's first meeting, Mayor Jeff Genung spoke optimistically about the new economic recovery task force.

The meeting was chaired by the town's business development manager Mike Korman, and all invited groups had a representative present.

"From what I understand, we're going to be a round-table discussion on next steps, talk a bit about what's going on in the province, and what members of the task force are hearing," said Mayor Genung in advance of the meeting.

"That's really the intent behind the task force is to reach out to the community and have that first-hand information, and understand  how can we approach and best help businesses get through this and be a success into the future."

Genung said he was providing information on how some other municipalities are responding. 

"I'm looking forward to meeting everybody tonight and getting started."

The social recovery task force is holding its first meeting on May 19.