Earlier today, Mayor Jeff Genung hosted a Facebook live presentation that featured questions coming in from Cochrane's youngest residents. 

There was a wide variety of questions submitted and the Mayor answered them for close to an hour. 

Cochranite Sadie, Age six asked "If when the weather gets warmer, can I ride my bike with a friend or two?" 

"Sadie, go out and ride your bike but please stay two meters away from your friends. You shouldn't be touching your friends, you should be two meters away, please don't touch your face and make sure you cough into your elbow. If you are practicing all of those things then u say get out there and ride your bike" Mayor Genung responded. 

12-year-old Wyatt asked "Is this the hardest thing you have ever faced as the mayor?" 

Mayor Genung responded  "Yes, by a long shot this is the hardest thing I've had to deal with as mayor. What I am grateful for is that it's not just me. I have a team of councillors that I talk with all the time. We talk with our team of administration and we have a lot of town staff that are doing great things."

Mayor Genung answered several questions about school, pathways and concerns about COVID-19 in general. If you want to watch the full video,it can be found here.