A Lilac tree was planted yesterday to help bring awareness to World Elder Abuse Awareness day.

The event was organized by members of Cochrane's own World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Committee.

Mayor Jeff Genung was in attendance to plant the tree.

Big Hill Haven Executive Director Wanda McGinnis was also in attendance to help plant the tree and spoke on the issue of elder abuse "We believe that the numbers are somewhere between six and eight per cent, that's what's reported, I estimate it's way higher than that. There's lots of reasons why elderly people don't come forward, and I think it's tragic that we have people in our community who are living in unsafe situations in the twilight of their lives. When it's a time when they should be supported and be surrounded by circles of support."

The Chair of Cochrane's World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Committee Hillary Cornelius Stormon says that it's important that elders in Cochrane know they have the whole communities support.

"This topic of elder abuse is really important to me and it should be really to anybody in our community, because oftentimes people are experiencing elder abuse and it isn't always seen by the community, and we want to help people when they're in a place of need, or if something is happening to them that they let them know that the community is here to support them."

Cornelius Stormon also says that bringing awareness to the the public can help prevent elder abuse in the future "It's important that we bring this information to the public so they know some of the signs and things to look for so we can be on alert and help one another when somebody is experiencing elder abuse."

This was the sixth annual planting of a lilac tree. Each year a tree is planted in a different part of town.

The Jack Tennant Memorial Bridge was lit purple last night in accordance with the day.