Mayor Jeff Genung says Cochranites need to continue to work together to prevent the number of active COVID-19 cases rising to 10.

It it does, the town's face mask bylaw will come in effect IMMEDIATELY, making it mandatory to wear face masks or face coverings in public indoor spaces and on local transit.

"As we creep closer 10--hopefully we never get there--this is the time all of us as residents need to dig deep and ensure that we do our part to maintain our cases below 10. If we do get to 10 that will trigger our mask mandatory bylaw," says Mayor Jeff Genung.

It would also see the town's communication department accelerate the information flow to residents, he says.

"The communication department will jump into action. We'll be utilizing all of our options to share with the community where the numbers are at, and what they can expected for changes, if any, day-to-day."

We would have to drop below 10 active cases for a period of 14 days before the mandatory need to wear masks would be rescinded.

If it again creeps to 10 or more, the need to wear masks would be reinstated.

In today's COVID-19 update by Alberta Health Services, the number of reported active cases here remains at seven. Yesterday, it had climbed to seven from the five reported last Friday.

In late July, town council adopted the face mask bylaw by a 5 to 2 vote.

Some remain opposed to the bylaw's mandatory requirement to wear masks. Those opposed believe it should be a personal choice.

It has also seen local resident Katrina Kitchen launch a petition demanding a public hearing on the bylaw.