A number of research projects and trials set to take place through the Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives have had to be postponed due to COVID-19.

"At MBFI we're going to do everything we can to follow the lead and support researchers as much as we can," said general manager, Mary-Jane Orr.

One study out of the University of Manitoba looking at grazing on early emerging pastures was set to begin any day, but Orr says that has been put on hold in conjunction will all activities at the university.

"And so we're working to accommodate the project in any way that we can and hopefully we can reschedule activities for the fall, but that's all going to be up in the air with a lot of moving parts to try to accommodate. (We have to) figure out how we'll fit it into the next grazing session, and how the master's students on the project have the data that she needs and are able to graduate as well," explained Orr.

She noted some flexibility remains on the farm so staff is able to continue looking after the facility and the on-farm demonstrations and trials that are already underway.

"We are able to accommodate all of the social distancing measures between our two farm stations and the learning centre. Our full-time staff is able to have independent workspaces, and we are able to make sure the animals are well cared for."