McDonald's President and CEO John Betts told producers during the Canadian Beef Industry Conference Thursday that McDonald's Canada will begin sourcing 100% Canadian beef again this fall.

The move ends the temporary sourcing adjustments they made in late April due to the industry constraints from COVID-19.

"As of September, we are going back to 100% Canadian Beef. The best beef in the world, absolutely and that's thanks to your resilience.  You know its not lost on us how hard you've been hit, but you've remained incredible and reliable partners to us."

During the temporary period of importing beef in 2020, McDonald's Canada sourced beef from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland to supplement the Canadian beef supply.

Betts also announced that in September a portion of the beef for McDonald’s Quarter Pounder patties will be sourced from Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef  - Certified Sustainable farms and ranches.  

"We have worked so hard together to support the CRSB for the future of the Canadian Beef Industry.To take another meaningful step in that journey with the Quarter Pounder is a major milestone in delivering sustainable burgers to Canadians."

McDonald's Canada sources 100 per cent of the beef for its hamburger patties from Canadian farms and ranches, primarily in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

McDonald's Canada has used 100 per cent Canadian Beef since 2003.