Not having face-to-face contact can be challenging. Yet, many of us have found other ways to reach out.

You can count among them, members of the McDougall Stoney Mission Society.

On Apr. 10, society president Brenda McQueen delivered a full vehicle load of nonperishable food and supplies to elders and society members in the Stoney Nadoka Nation.

McQueen says she has been reaching out to members of the society to make sure all are well. That includes those in the Stoney Nakoda Nation. The society's board decided to collect nonperishable items to take to elders.

In a short one-week period, society members and nonmembers alike dropped off donations to deliver to Morley.

"It was very overwhelming the response we got," she says.

Practicing physical distancing didn't take away from the joy it brought. A grandchild in the window of a home where the food was dropped off, for one, was ecstatic.

"It made my day, it made my week, it made my month," says McQueen.

A second collection is in the works.

"We're already starting selecting a date in May when we will be doing the same thing. This time, we'll collect food for a longer period of time."

"It's very exciting to keep up the relationship and be able to help out others in this time of need. That's what we should all be doing. As a society, we want to be there and support others."

The Stoney Nakoda Nation holds a special place in McQueen's heart. She's the great-great-great-granddaughter of Rev. George McDougall.