While Albertans haven't received the official green light, the numbers are looking promising for the scheduled move to Stage 2 on Thursday, June 10.

After over a year of tight restrictions and closures, many Cochranites are feeling mixed emotions over the province's 'Open for summer' plan.

Cochranite, Julie Parkes Tuite says she couldn't be more excited for life to start returning to normal.

"I'm very excited to be able to get out there and start living again and socializing again in a safe way," explains Parkes Tuite. "I'm super happy my two teenage athletes will have more outlets for that now."

Local resident Anika Sylvestre says that she has mixed emotions about the move, but she's feeling more nervous than excited.

"I guess you kind of get comfortable in this bubble that we're in," says Sylvestre. "All of a sudden things are going to open up, it's kind of overwhelming and nerve-wracking at the same time."

Like many Albertans, Sylvestre is looking forward to resuming a degree of normalcy, but she says that her habits won't change overnight.

While Sylvestre is feeling optimistic about the higher vaccination rates and lower case counts, she’s taking a ‘proceed with caution’ approach. She fears that Albertans will be quick to let their guard down and numbers will start to increase again.

Alberta has already met the targets for the move to Stage 2, with more than 60 per cent of those eligible to be vaccinated receiving their first dose and fewer than 500 hospitalizations due to COVID-19.