It started with the spray park on July 1. The fitness centre and indoor track followed on July 3.

Now other services and programming are set to reopen in the phased re-entry of the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre (SLSFSC).

SLSFSC CEO Blair Felesky says those using SLSFSC facilities over the weekend enjoyed the changes made to follow COVID-19 protocol.

"There was great feedback. We had a lot of positive comments from our members that are re-engaging with their membership again."

On July 6, they had a sneak peek of their summer fitness classroom. They'll be utilizing the curling centre that offers plenty of room to space out participants. By July 13, that program goes full steam ahead. 

"We're beginning the process with dipping our toes in the water here and trying to learn some things daily with our processes and getting feedback from our members. So we'll slowly continue to build upon this."

Summer camps for youth ages 6 to 12 run from July 13 to 28. He says registration has been robust.

As well, the ice is going in at the Totem Two arena.

"We should have that completed in the next five or six days and then we'll start to take some of our booking commitments in the Totem arena as well as the Cochrane Arena."

He says the demand has been strong and there are many verbal agreements in place.

"We'll see if the demand continues, and then we may put in a second ice surface here at Totem arena by about the third week of August, based on what we're seeing right now."

Top of mind for many is the reopening of the aquatics centre.

Felesky estimates it will open between Aug. 10 and 14 to allow for extensive servicing.

"Our intention is to make sure we are using this time to do a lot of servicing of the aquatics area before we reopen."

There is more staff returning regularly but it will be leaner in numbers when the centre returns to full capacity.

Felesky says it will only be 55 per cent of what it was when they closed on Mar. 15. They laid off 175 people that day.