Over 10 per cent of the voting population has now signed a petition calling for measures to address the ambulance service crisis in Cochrane, and more are sought.

A petition calling for action has over 2,500 signatures. Organizer Ali Morrison wants to hit 3,000 before meeting with local MLA Peter Guthrie on May 17. It will be her second meeting with him to address the issue.

She says Guthrie has promised all the signatures will be presented to Health minister Jason Copping.

The petition calls for proper ambulatory service that supports the three-point plan of the local crisis group. It will be available at their trade show booth this weekend and can be signed online here.

"We now have more than 10 per cent of the voting public, and 5,000 would be nearly 25 per cent of the voting population who are concerned."

Her number one aim and challenge is getting out the message of the dangerous predicament facing Cochranites when a health emergency arises.

"The most important thing we're doing is making sure that everybody is aware of the extent of the crisis, that you could dial 911 and there may not be anyone there. Dispatch could say the truck's coming now, but they're not saying that that truck is coming from Cochrane, or Red Deer or Fort McLeod or Banff."

Because of this uncertainty, the Cochrane EMS Crisis Citizens Action Group is asking people to have a B plan.

"The number one message when we go door-to-door is to make sure that everybody has a Plan B. We ask them, do you have somebody you can call?  Should you need to make that call, ask that other person to come wait with you."

Sadly, she says, despite all the exposure on the issue, many aren't aware of how grave the situation has become.

"Two days ago, our ambulances were gone for a big part of the day. So we're there to tell people and ask them to think of a backup plan, think of their neighbours and have somebody you could call."

Morrison says the number of people signing online has trickled and they've continue to go going door-to-door to gather signatures.

She says they have the complete support of the Heartland community, which she calls movers and shakers, Four people have stepped forward to collect signatures.

"We're doing random, but we need other people to step up and say we'll do one street. Do the street you're on."