The Cochrane RCMP is reminding all motorists of the role they play in keeping motorcyclists safe.

With warmer temperatures upon us, traffic is starting to pick up around town and many motorcyclists are getting their bikes on the road for the first ride of the season.

Corporal Troy Savinkoff with the Cochrane RCMP says that whether you are a rider, driver or another motorist sharing the road, we all have a role to play in motor vehicle safety.

Now especially, residents have been feeling cooped up inside and are itching to get out and feel the freedom on an open highway.

Savinkoff says that collisions involving motorcycles are usually quite serious, and often fatal. He says that "Statistically, any collisions involving a motorcycle usually involves a great deal more injuries and can be very tragic."

Since motorcycles lack the same type of protection that an enclosed vehicle provides, motorcyclists are more likely to be badly injured or killed if involved in a collision.

Motorcycles are quite often hard to see due to their smaller size and they require extra room and spacing to prevent serious accidents. Savinkoff says that drivers need to keep motorcyclists in mind when changing lanes, or following closely behind.

He says that he is already seeing some motorcycle safety hazards on the roads when it comes to distancing. "One thing I'm noticing already, I see some motorcyclists driving in tandem which is an offence under the traffic safety act."

Savinkoff says that when riders and drivers are respectful of each other, it is possible for everyone to enjoy the freedom of the open highway safely. He says "We just need everyone to behave and drive at reasonable speeds within the speed limit."

Motorcyclists are also reminded of the importance of wearing proper protective gear, including a helmet that meets safety standards.