Blake Richards will continue to represent the Banff-Airdrie riding in parliament for his fifth term. He says it's a job he's honoured to have.

"It's quite a humbling experience," says Richards. "When you look at it and see that you have over 40,000 of your fellow citizens that have decided to put an 'X' by your name and be the voice for them in parliament -- it doesn't matter if it's the first time or the fifth time, it's a pretty big honour."

While Richards is honoured to continue in his role, the votes in his favour dropped significantly from 71 per cent in 2019, to 56 per cent this time around. He says that he takes his job very seriously and he'll continue to hear from constituents and be their voice in Ottawa for as long as he has that honour.

"I've always worked hard, I've always done everything I can to be a voice for the constituency and that means being a voice for people whether they put an 'X' beside your name or someone else's," explains Richards.

He stands by the fact that this federal election was unnecessary and it brought about little change.

"Unfortunately we still have the Prime Minister that we have that puts himself first, but certainly the fact that he didn't get a majority is a big win for our Country I believe," says Richards. "We'll carry on and we'll continue to fight back against the divisive and damaging politics that we see from Trudeau and when we do this again next time I certainly hope that there's an opportunity to make a change in this country because it's desperately needed."

Richards says that the number one priority needs to be getting our economy back on track.

"We'll be fighting to ensure that people who have been put out of work by this pandemic and the response to it  -- we'll get them back to work," says Richards. "We have to fight for our Oil and Gas Sector, that's a big part of getting people here in our province back to work and we'll continue to push in a minority parliament to get support from other parties."

Richards says that unlike his win in 2019, last night's celebration was a quiet one spent with family. He says he's grateful for the ongoing support he's received and he looks forward to having the opportunity to thank constituents in person.