The Town of Cochrane and Rocky View County (RVC) have joined municipalities across the province in opening up the nomination and campaigning period for candidates seeking election in the fall. 

Albertans will be taking to the polls on Oct. 18 to elect their new municipal councils and school boards.

It will be the first election held since a series of amendments were made to Alberta's Local Authorities Election Act. Among the revisions are changes to rules governing contributions, reporting, and disclosure.

Both municipalities have provided full details for potential candidates on their respective websites. 

Of significant importance to county residents is the redistribution and reduction in its number of divisions. This election will see the county council downsized to seven members from nine. The divisional boundaries have been redrawn to be more equitable in population.  

While the final nomination day isn't until Sept. 20, all candidates are required to be nominated before incurring any campaign expenses or accepting contributions. 

The same rules apply to those running for school board.

In December, Rocky View Schools (RVS) adjusted their ward boundaries and appointed its returning officer. Here in Cochrane, a minor boundary change was made by RVS to include land annexed by the municipality in 2019.

Provincewide, the nomination and campaigning period started Jan. 1 in advance of Sept. 20 nomination day. Election day is Oct. 18, and the results become official one week later.