It should be noted upfront that town councillor Morgan Nagel is a diehard Calgary Flames fan.

But with three historically significant moments on the line, he's willing to set that bias aside.

Nagel is asking the town to do the same and raise the Edmonton Oilers flag and light the Jack Tennant Memorial Bridge in Orange and Blue.

He's reached out to his colleagues in hopes of getting their support--and it's been positive so far--and also posted a poll on the local Rants and Rave page to gauge public reaction. His hope is the flag could be raised tomorrow if the idea receives the greenlight.

"Rallying behind the Oilers banner is really a symbol for Canadian pride, Albertan pride and something positive and exciting," he says.

He says Stanley Cup isn't the only thing on the line on Monday night's final game.

"The fact is a Canadian team hasn't won a Stanley Cup in over 30 years, and it's been since 1942 that somebody has done the reverse sweep and then, of course, Connor David is vying to break Gretzky's record.

"There are three major records that all kind of have pretty substantial significance in the sporting world, and I think hockey is one of our great national symbols as Canadians. So to me, what's exciting in hockey is exciting for Canadians."

He says, yes, there are plenty of ongoing issues with traffic and growth that need to be dealt with but that doesn't prevent the town from having a little fun and showing our pride in our province and country.

Stay tuned.