A Cochrane man has taken initiative in his community to build relationships.

Rob Low lives in a townhouse complex, and hosted a big barbeque for anyone nearby to come to, whether he knew them or not.

He believes its important to take opportunities to get to know those in your area.

"It's for neighbours to get to know neighbours, and spend time with eachother," he says. "This is just an opportunity to come together as friends and celebrate each other as neighbours, and feel really good about eachother and where we live."

Low explains hosting a community bbq is not costly and can be done anywhere, adding it's a nice idea for anyone new in a community, or if you're feeling secluded.

For those who pride themselves on knowing their neighbours well, Low says you still never know who you might meet.

"There's still lots of people that don't know eachother though, even in our complex here, even though we all live right beside eachother. There's still people that don't know each other, because theyre busy working."