Cochrane town council has committed to providing land for a much-needed replacement for the Big Hill Lodge in hopes of helping the Rocky View Foundation move forward with the project.

The letter doesn't specify the intended location on the 5th Ave. tri-site property so as not to slow progress, explains Stacey Loe, town executive director of Protective and Community Services.

"So, it is not intended to suggest that that wouldn't be the location, just simply that we provide the letter without specification so they can begin their fund development."

Town councillor Susan Flowers, who is also chair of the Rocky View Foundation, says the Cochrane project is viewed as being important.

"There are rumours that there is some funding left that isn't occupied yet this year, so we're hoping to get our hands on some of it and start making plans. We're finishing a big project over in Airdrie, so it's taking priority, but we will be looking very closely at the Big Hill Lodge in the near future."

Big Hill Lodge was originally constructed in 1977. It was expanded in 1982 and now accommodates 75 seniors. It's now considered out-of-date, does not meet current standards, and offers extremely small living units, making it an unattractive option for many.

Council had indicated an interest in providing a letter of commitment in July.