The new skills jump park will be open for Cochranites to enjoy next week. 

Members of Bike Cochrane have been spending time testing out the track over the last week. 

Bike Cochrane Society Vice President, Jerold Hoshowatiuk says they've opened it up for members this week everyday from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

"The pump track is right there. Just a couple of finishing touches. We wanted to see how the flow and the movement was at the track, and how things go and how the riders were feeling on it."

Hoshowatiuk says one of the great things about this park is, it's open to all ages and any skill level. 

"Even yesterday was amazing, I got to go out and there was one family where there was two boys, three and five and then there was pro riders on the track, all at the same time and everyone was just having fun and riding together, and it was just really amazing to see."

He's been getting good feedback from those who have tried the track. 

"So far, everybody seems to really enjoy having some time on the track and really having a good time and going out there and just being able to actually ride it, that's the biggest thing. They're just really happy about that."

All Cochranites will be able to get out and enjoy the park next week. 

"The construction fences are scheduled to come down next week. Once the blue fence that's around the park is down, it is free to ride from 7 a.m. to dusk."

Hoshowatiuk says they were able to keep the project on their budget of $100,000. Springwood Development Inc. donated the land for the park.

Hoshowatiuk says a membership with Bike Cochrane Society is $40 for an individual and $80 for a family.

If you buy an annual membership you can use the track this week as well as help Bike Cochrane be more credible with funders and stakeholders and get to vote at the annual AGM. 

You can purchase a membership at either Bike Bros or Big Hill Cycle.

The bike park is located in the parking lot behind Garmin on Bow St.