A new conceptual community is being discussed.

Tulum Development and Management is looking at developing a new 305 acre subdivision to the north of Cochrane just past the community of Monterra.

Asad Niazi, President of Tulum Development and Management says, they're at the very beginning stages of project 'Cochrane North'; creating a multi generational community.

"We want to create a community which is close to nature, which appreciates the open space, a multi- generational planning where seniors are part of the community. We are finding that more and more seniors or baby boomers are liking to to be part of the community and so you can start to see a very strong multi generational planning in the community."

Niazi says around 425 units will make up the site, with predominantly single family homes and housing (villas) for 55+ active living seniors.

A community open house was held on May 19, shares Niazi, where things like amenities and how to plan the open spaces programming, were discussed.

"We got some good feedback from the area residents about the amenities. There will be tons of paths and active amenities, trails, and a rural element in the community as well."

When it comes to shopping you won't see a lot of modern big box retailers, Niazi comments, the feel will be much more rustic.

"The intention is not to have a substantial amount of retail or shopping but more the boutique, small, mom-and-pop kind of retail. More to create character of the community."

With a gravel pit coming into the area and general concerns of adding more traffic to local roadways. Niazi says a traffic impact assessment will be completed once the conceptual design is done.

"It is a very typical process, that will tell us which roads are negatively impacted by our traffic and to upgrade those roads.

Two concerns from local stakeholders were identified at the open house. One being traffic and the other storm water management.

"From the traffic perspective I can tell you we are providing three accesses into the community; one access will be 43 Range Road, one will be south to Monterra, and direct access to Highway 22. We are anticipating most of our traffic will be taking straight access out to Highway 22, so I see very little impact, if any, to others in the area. Us providing access to Monterra will improve their traffic as well."

Cochrane North is targeting approval for 2017, with grading to start  in late 2017 or early 2018.

Niazi lastly adds that Cochrane North is not in competition with Cochrane development.

"What we are offering is something different from Cochrane, and we see there is a demand for that type of community. I mean who doesn't want to be close to the nature."

You can find out more information regarding Cochrane North here.