It won't be long now until we can enjoy the new skills jump park behind the Garmin building on Bow. St. 

It's the perfect timing with more people than ever planning staycations and sticking closer to home this summer. 

Bike Cochrane Vice President, Jerold Hoshowatiuk says this park will offer something for everyone. 

"It's accessible for everyone. So whether you're a three-year-old on strider learning how to keep the balance and go over hills and bumps, there will be some features for you to do there but there's also going to be stuff for some of our pro-rider BMX level riders who are based in Cochrane that are training in nationals."

"It's a very family set place so that everyone can have access to it. It doesn't matter what your skill level is. It doesn't matter if you're top elite or if you're at the very beginner bottom, everybody gets an opportunity to ride and it just gives a safe and fun environment to be able to ride."

Hoshowatiuk says June is typically a rainy month which slows the construction process down a bit but they're hoping it'll be up and running next month. 

"We're confident that we're going to be able to ride it in July. I'm kind of building myself a little bit of a buffer there, we don't have a hard date yet. Obviously rain and weather factors all comes into play."

The timing couldn't be better. There are record sales for bikes being reported as people get back to their roots and plan stick closer to home this summer. 

"It's a great thing and we're really looking forward to it and bike sales, repairs, service all of that is absolutely through the roof. I kind of joke that it's the new toilet paper."

Bike Cochrane hosted a membership drive last fall to help raise funds for the park in the Quarry. 

"When we're going to be done we're in the neighbourhood of about $100,000. That doesn't include purchasing the land. We were really lucky that the developer who owns the land, Springwood, gave us the land. They basically gave us a free lease."

Springwood Development Inc. donated the land for the park.

"We have this idea that Mom and Dad wake up Saturday morning take the kids out for a little ride out to the park. Go get a coffee from Good Earth, go get a salad, whatever they want to do, it's right there. Everything is at your fingertips. It's the perfect destination point, it's accessible from every neighbourhood."

Hoshowatiuk says they haven't named the park yet, but they're hoping to have a name nailed down soon. 

For more information about the park and about Bike Cochrane go here.