Cochrane now has another option when it comes to mobile food vendors, as the Morning Bird Catering Truck hit the streets three weeks ago.

The new vendor is a coffee and lunch truck, which brings hot and ready food to local businesses, construction, and industrial sites.

Owner of Morning Bird Catering, Angela Admussen says the idea to open the lunch truck came from personal experience.

"I was in construction for last year, and I just saw an opportunity for bringing food to those kind of zones because it was pretty scarce," she says. "I realized that there wasn't one yet in Cochrane, but that there had been years ago, so I just took the opportunity and ran with it."

Admussen shares the truck has been well received, employees working outside of downtown are happy to have more variety.

"So far so good, people seem really excited, especially businesses that are out of the downtown core, and on the hill. They're really quite happy it seems to have lunch on the run."

She explains the process to open up a food truck took longer than she had anticipated, but she was still happy to be able to launch by the end of summer.

"I got the truck mid-June, and I didn't receive my permit until late August. So it took a couple of months to get the permitting process in place, and there's obviously a lot involved in starting a company, so it was a little bit longer than I expected."

Unlike other food trucks in town Morning Bird Catering is geared towards businesses and their employees versus the open public, however Admussen shares anyone wanting to try the truck is more than welcome.

You can find Morning Bird Catering's Facebook page here.