Park goers of all abilities will now be able to enjoy more of Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.

Construction on a new wheel chair accessible viewing platform on Tiger Lily Pond has just been completed.

Sarah Parker, executive director of the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation says "We built that platform in partnership with Alberta Parks, so it was funded by Alberta Parks through a grant we received from The Great Trail, and what's really awesome about the platform is that it's going to enable us to have children of all abilities access the pond for our pond invertebrate program."

She says this program is a lot of fun for kids.

"The kids get to take buckets and do dips in the pond and use microscopes to find all the creepy crawlies they didn't even know existed, so we're really excited to be able to offer that program to all kids."

"It's made of cedar, they did such a great job building it, and it has seating areas so everyday people can come and sit, have their snack and watch the ducks. It'll be a huge asset to the park."

It's located on Tiger Lily Pond and you can access it by taking Tiger Lily Loop or Glenbow Trail.

Parker says work on the new school house for programming is coming along well. 

She says the foundation has been poured and they've received the siding.

They're on track to having the building completed by February and have the doors open and programming begin in the spring.