Dance classes are a very common extra-curricular activity for many children, however competitions can get very intense and expensive over time.

That's why Chaela Houston decided to open the Mountain View Dance Academy in Cochrane, she says the brand new academy is dedicated to recreational classes in an inclusive environment.

"We will not be doing competitions," she says. "It's purely dance lessons for the joy and fun of learning the dance skills themselves."

Houston believes there's a number of benefits for little ones that come from enrolling in a leisure dance class.

"That's the best way to start your child is when they're young, with a parent. It offers so many benefits for the child, there's bonding with the parents, it offers social, cognitive, physicial, and physiological benefits. Starting in a recreational environment means that the child feels included and loved, its just not as intense for them."

Houston says anyone is welcome to join, regardless of gender, age, or skill.

"Anybody of any ability can come, all of the classes are all in inclusive."

Houston grew up dancing, is certified through the Royal Academy of Dance in London, England, a Certified Acrobatic Arts Instructor, and a Certified Bar Instructor.

The studio offers early childhood dance classes for parent and baby, parent and tot, as well as recreational dance classes for kids and teens, and recreational and sessional classes for adults and seniors.

The studio will hold an Open house May 28 from 1-5 at the Frank Wills Memorial Hall.