Backyard chicken supporters are invited to pack council chambers on February 27.

Jennifer Walden, Founder of CLUCK Cochrane, says they are excited to be back in front of council and are hoping for a positive outcome in getting a pilot started.

"I get a really good feeling right now about what is happening. I feel like council has been really receptive to it; they have already compiled a bylaw and already constructed the pilot project."

While Walden is fully aware that it still needs to be voted on, she is excited that it seems to be moving in a favorable direction. The drafted pilot seems to be following similar guidelines to Okotoks, and Walden herself has also given feedback on positives/negatives of the drafted program.

Community members have been extremely supportive, adds Walden. Cochrane now has it's own official chapter of CLUCK Cochrane (Canadian Liberated Urban Chicken Klub), with all the interest Walden anticipates the pilot will be full.

"Ours has been suggested to me that they are drafting it to allow for one in 1500 per capita of population, which is the exact same as Okotoks and I believe Red Deer was the same. The pilot project is not necessarily what the bylaw will be, it is just us seeing if we can make chickens work in town."

Okotoks pilot was extremely successful with no complaints. With rules in place it keeps everyone accountable and safe including the chickens.

If the pilot is approved, those granted a license will have to follow strict guidelines of the program. Walden is unsure how or who the town will approve but is hoping to make the cut herself. For her family, teaching about sustainability is key and chickens are a good first start.