The triumphant return of the Chinook Film Group last month is being followed up with Wed. Nov. 15 showing of the Canadian film, North of Normal.

It's a film adoption of the autobiographical book of the same name by Cea Sunrise Person, who at one point in her life spent time in Morley.

The film recounts the life of Cea, who spent her childhood growing up in a Western Canadian wilderness camp run by her maternal grandparents. Her mother, Michelle eventually leaves the camp for a more conventional life, bringing Cea with her from one boyfriend to another.

It's the story of a teenage girl who hopes to find a normal life with her anything-but normal mother.

The film is directed by Carly Stone, the screenplay was written by Alexandra Weir, and it stars Sarah Gadon, Robert Carlyle, James D'Arcy, Janet Porter

TIFF calls the film a true off-the-grid film that is both captivating and well-acted.

Tickets are available in advance or day of the showing (if supplies last) at the Cochrane Movie House box office. Admission: $12.

The Chinook Film Group returned last month after a several-year hiatus with the showing of the film "Jules," which attracted 114 people.

A nonprofit volunteer curator of films, it specializes in presenting one-night stands of independent films that otherwise wouldn't make it to Cochrane.

The films are typically shown in the middle of the month starting in the fall, skipping December, and continuing until May.

You can keep up-to-date with the Chinook Film Group here. You can also request to be added to its mailing list.

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