Lauren Delahunt, Executive Director of Cochrane and Area Victim Services, believes that the month is meant to bring awareness to people about the information that is available. Once that hurdle is cleared, that is when organizations can help those who are affected by family violence.   

The Victim Services website is currently being redeveloped but there are a lot of key resources on it. One of the key tools when it comes to domestic, or family violence is a book that Cochrane and Area Victim Services have created in partnership with Big Hill Haven.  Delahunt says, “It talks about steps that people can take, different orders, and just walks them through the process and gives them some information.” The book can be picked up at the RCMP detachment, Big Hill Haven, or various businesses in town. Delahunt says while they have tried to get the book into various businesses, if there are some that would like to have copies to disperse, they would be happy to drop them off.  

There are some great resources in Cochrane and various organizations that are here to help. Delahunt says, “There are lots of different organizations that are here to help, and the more information that people have, then we can start being able to help. I think that part of the idea of Family Violence Awareness and Prevention Month is that we are trying to provide information to people so that they can help their family, they can help friends and they can help their neighbors or members of their community.” 

Another resource is the Family Violence info line which is toll-free at 310-1818 it is open 24/7 and available in 170 languages. Delahunt says the 24/7 factor is important because, “People don't always call in those nine to five hours when we're in the office, and so there is support there 24/7. So, if somebody needs to call in the middle of the night and they need to know where their closer shelter is, and what are their options then they can call that number, or they can text and they can access those resources.” 

Cochrane and Area Victim Services have access to in-person interpreters so that language does not have to be a barrier in helping victims connect with resources.  

Delahunt says, “Our organization deals with family violence on a daily basis and November really is a month that we can draw that extra awareness and let people know that there is information and there are tools out there.  We can help make our community safer and take that one step towards ending family violence by educating ourselves and reaching out and trying to help those around us.”