Education Minister Adriana LaGrange announced Wednesday that the provincial government will decide which scenario school boards will follow in the return to school in September. 

LaGrange says it is an "extremely likely possibility" that students will return to school governed by the first scenario of close to normal conditions in the fall. However, the other two scenarios remain on the table. 

  1. In-school classes resume (near normal operations with health measures)
  2. In-school classes partially resume with additional health measures
  3. At home learning continues (in-school classes are cancelled

Of course it is all hinges on continuing to contain the virus and how Albertan's fair through the summer in doing so. The scenarios may also be guided by regional decisions. For example, when Calgary and Brooks were delayed behind the rest of the province due their number of COVID 19 cases.

LaGrange emphasized that the choice of scenario will be made by the province and not individual school jurisdictions. All schools boards will have to be prepared to react to a change from one scenario to another.