Officials provided details on the Open for Summer vaccination lottery which will provide three lucky winners with one million dollars each.

To date, more than 68.7 per cent of eligible Albertans have received their first dose, including 20.2 per cent who are fully vaccinated with two doses.

Premier Kenney says poles show that 85% of Albertans have been vaccinated or intend to be vaccinated. That means there are close to six hundred thousand people who have not been vaccinated. The lottery is to entice that group of people who have not yet been vaccinated to do so. It is that group of people who can put the province over the 70 per cent benchmark and move the province to Stage 3 of Open for Summer. The government decided that it was time to get creative to entice the remaining 15 per cent to roll up their sleeves and become immunized. 

Kenney says, “The clock is ticking, if we are to have a full back to normal Canada Day we have to hit the 70 per cent first dose vaccination no later than this coming Thursday, June 17. Currently, we are 48,361 first dose appointments away from reaching that goal.”

Starting today, anyone eighteen years of age and older who have received their first dose of the COVID vaccine can enter the lottery for one million dollars at  Registration opens June 14 and closes one week after 70 per cent of eligible Albertans have received at least one dose. Specific dates and deadlines will be posted on the website at 

Albertans do not have to provide proof of vaccination upon entering the draw but need to prove that they have been vaccinated if they win the prize. Residents can access digital records online at their My Health Records account.

The second, 2nd dose lottery winner of one million dollars will be announced on August, 31 with registration closing on August 24.

The third, 2nd dose draw for one million dollars will happen on September 30 with registrations closing on September 23. 

Officials say they are exploring winning options for those who are under 18 years of age and have been vaccinated. Those Albertans are encouraged to stay tuned for an upcoming announcement.