This Saturday (June 24) Cochranites have an opportunity to bid farewell to the Big Hill Leisure Pool.

While you won't be able to rock the waves at the new pool until most likely mid July, the 'Pool Party' is still a go.

From 3- 5pm there will be indoor and outdoor activities, as well as, free swimming. Suzanne Gaida, Town Of Cochrane, Senior Manager Community Services, says despite the new pool opening delay, the town still wants to still celebrate. "We want to say goodbye, while everybody is still here before the kids are out of school and gone for the summer."

While Big Hill Leisure Pool will remain open until the new facility is ready, Gaida, shares there may be limited hours. "Depending on what we're doing with the new pool, if we are starting our training and stuff we may have to limit the hours at the old pool just so all the staff can be getting trained but we'll be doing weekly schedules leading into the summer."

Gaida shares they have not yet pinned down an opening date, but are hoping to be open mid-July for the start of lessons. If plans go sideways and the opening affects lessons, Gaida, says they are working on a variety of contingency plans.

"Best case scenario we're open and everything goes on lessons happen. If we are delayed a day we're working on a plan and what does that look like, if we're delayed a week what does that look like, can we accommodate at the Big Hill Leisure Pool?!  So we are looking at lots of different options and once we know more information and we can hammer down exactly what that date looks like we'll certainly be letting people know."

Information will be posted on the Town of Cochrane and Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre websites. If an interruption of lessons does occur families will be notified.

"Once the construction is complete by mid to late week we'll just be into the commissioning side of the pool and we'll start to have a better idea once they start circulating and we see what's happening."