The 2020 Alberta Winter Games kicks off tomorrow and there are over 30 athletes from the Cochrane area competing.

The games are being held in Airdrie this year and will have 1,700 athletes from across the province competing for the top spots in a wide array of winter sports.

Executive Director Shauna Quinn says that the organizing committee, volunteers and the city itself are ready and excited to host a great weekend; jam-packed with action.

Quinn says "I mean we've been ready for a little while now and as the days get closer the pressure builds and the little things creep up and we say 'oh, goodness, what about that?' But, you know, it's nothing that's unfixable and that's what's really nice that we can troubleshoot the little, tiny details that we'd rather find out now than entering the games weekend."

Quinn says that with over 1,700 athletes expected plus their coaches, families and spectators the total number of people in attendance may be more than originally anticipated. The original projection was between 4,000 to 6,000 but based on the number of inquiries she's been receiving; Quinn believes that number will be much higher.

She says "We assumed that the first number based on an athlete with two parents and perhaps a sibling.  We're starting now to wonder if we're going to see a much higher number of visitors to the weekend, maybe up in the 8,000 range,"  With so much traction in the area, Quinn also anticipates a hefty boost to the economy.

The official opening ceremony and lighting of the cauldron kick-off tomorrow night at 7 pm and sporting competitions will begin on Saturday morning and wrap up on Monday.