Enrolment in Rocky View Schools (RVS) has exceeded projection, including those in Cochrane.

As of Sept. 30, the official cutoff date for enrolment numbers, Cochrane public schools had 309 more students in kindergarten to grade 12. There are now 5,311 enrolled students compared to 5,002 on Sept. 30, 2020.

Overall in Rocky View, there was a 5.27 per cent increase in the student population. It now sits at 26,662, an increase of 1,333 from last year. RVS officials say enrolment came in 175-185 higher than projected for grades 1 to 12, while kindergarten enrolment was 114 less than expected.

Cochrane High School grew to 909 students and is at 94 per cent of its capacity.

Bow Valley High came in slightly less than projected but still accommodates 833 students, up from 816 with a utilization rate of 92 per cent.

The inn is full at Mitford School and the Cochrane Christian School, both under one roof, with a combined population of 622 students. That's listed as 101 per cent of its capacity.

Fireside, Cochrane's newest school, is now at 96 per cent of its capacity with a student population of 788.

Manachaban grew to a population of 554, also 96 per cent of its capacity.

Elizabeth Barrett and Glenbow K-4 schools and the RancheView K-9 saw slight enrolment decreases.

The RVS school board of trustees reviewed the enrolment summary at its last meeting on Oct. 7.