In just two days, over 4,100 people have signed an online petition calling for modified sports programs at arenas to be included in stage 2 of Alberta's relaunch strategy.

Cochrane area residents are among those who have to signed the petition of the United Hockey Alliance of Alberta. 

The alliance was been formed with a common goal of implementing a four-phase action plan to relaunch the rinks in a structured, specific, and safe fashion.

"Our objective is to commit to new standards and restrictions that ensure a safe and healthy environment for all," the. alliance explains in its preamble on the petition that is being hosted by "With our adherence to physical distancing and risk reduction recommendations, we believe arena facilities can be safe environments for athletes, their fans, and the arena staff alike."

They also attach a copy of the proposal for people to view.

Cochrane's P3 Sports Inc. is among the hockey organizations that created the alliance.

P3 president Ryan Hilderman says they have created a zero-touch, zero risk model that deserves the greenlight.

"What we've created in hockey rinks with the people that we've consulted is literally a zero-touch scenario, where they're in and out of the rink without any contact with anybody," says Hilderman. "Physical distancing happens the entire time."