The 'Holiday Parade of Lights' had to make a detour in dates.

Cold weather has caused a postponement of  the inaugural parade put on by the Light Up Committee.

The co-organizers of the parade had over 20 registered illuminated floats and were looking for another way to bring a little festivity to young and old Cochranites.

The parade was to march down Historic Main Street on Saturday, December 10, but cold weather has forced the committee's hand to come up with an alternate plan, says Co Chair, Stephenie Shelstad.

"It becomes a real safety concern not only for onlookers, but all participants."

Thanks to some fast action scrambling by the committee, the parade will now move to December 17 at 6pm.

It is not the first time the Light Up crew has had to deal with frigid temperatures; in 2014 the mercury went down to -35 with the windchill, becoming one of the coldest Light Up's to date.

Shelstad says nothing can prepare you for that type of cold.

"Everything was frozen ketchup, mustard, hot dog buns, it was excruciatingly hard on participants, volunteers, and committee members who spend hours in the cold weather."

Shelstad can only hope, Mother Nature smiles upon them on December 17, and we all see a reprieve to Cochrane's deep freeze.