Investigators from Ghost Hunt Alberta will be in Cochrane again this weekend, looking for paranormal activity at the Rockyview Hotel. 

The hotel has been under investigation for the past couple of years and there's a sold out event Saturday night for people looking to see or hear a ghost.

Bonnie Milner with Ghost Hunt Alberta has investigated the Rockyview over the last couple of years and she believes it is haunted. 

Milner says there's been several instances of paranormal activity. 

She says "People hearing strange noises that they can't explain to things as large as people seeing things. Employees at the hotel have seen full-body apparitions as has some of our guests that we've had out on these investigations. We've also recorded several voices that can't be explained." 

Milner says this is the last public event for them for the year but they'll be back in Cochrane next year.