Cochrane FCSS has teamed up with a group of University of Calgary nursing students to research food security in Cochrane. 

The survey is for all ages of Cochranites and the questions are for statistical purposes only with participants remaining anonymous. 

The research is to gain understanding of the community of Cochrane's needs with regards to food accessibility, security and affordability.

U of C student Jarienne Amarande explains, "This is important because the information gained is beneficial to the community and it will be used to create future programs for Cochrane. It is important because it will raise awareness of the needs of the community." 

U of C student Fahreen Minsariya adds, " We invite all of you to partake in this foods survey, so that we can come up with future food programs for the community. By entering, you are also able to take part in a draw to win one of four $75 gift cards. 

For more information call 403-851-2250 or email

To go to the survey click here.