Participation was up for the 36th annual Terry Fox Run.

Lindsay Regier, run organizer, says 172 people participated this year up from 146 in 2015.

Regier shares it was a great mix of runners, walkers, bike riders, and even some four legged friends. 

"It was a beautiful day everyone was having fun. We had the BBQ after for the first time this year which went over really well. We had about 110 people stick around and have some food and hangout together in the park so it was great."

Fundraising for the event was down slightly coming in at $9659, compared to $14,053 in 2015; Regier adds she was not disappointed.

"I think every dollar counts; Terry once said even if you give $1 to the 'Marathon of Hope' you are a part of it. Any money we put towards cancer research is good in my books, almost $10,000 for the community of Cochrane is great."

Regier is looking forward to organizing the Cochrane run again next year, and is already thinking of adding in some new elements.

"I was awake for a couple of hours on Sunday night already thinking about what I want to do to help and improve next year. There will be some brainstorming that I want to do next year and I think a lot of it relies on the community support. The BBQ was a great start this year it just helped to extend the event a little bit it made it feel more like a really fun community thing where everyone got out together, so I think that was a really great start."