Paul Singh was just 78 votes shy of the last seat on the town council in last night's municipal election.

Today, he's back out there, volunteering his time, spreading his contagious positive vibe, and sharing his deep commitment and love for the community.

"Volunteering is in my blood," says Singh, who was named citizen of the year at the 2018 Cochrane Community Awards.  "I told them, whatever the results were on the 18th, if there's an event on the 19th, I'll be there to lend a hand. If my help is needed tomorrow, yeah, I'll be there."

He says it was a tough competition, and he's grateful for the love and support showed by the people of Cochrane and for having received 2,420 votes.

"It was a learning curve and I learned a lot. I congratulate all the elected officials and all of the 19 candidates who ran."

He's thankful to his entire team and says he couldn't have done it without their dedication.

Singh ran a solid multimedia campaign with a committed and diverse group of volunteers, from youth to senior citizens.

He says it's too early to decide if the results have encouraged him to run in the 2025 municipal election.