Someone is rippling kindness in memory of Lamont Murphy.

Last week, Kari Murphy went to seek peace and solitude at her son Lamont's memorial bench only to learn her jars of kindness had been removed.

Murphy placed three jars under the bench; one to ripple an act of community kindness, one for words of encouragement, and one with messages to pay it forward.

Murphy was heartbroken knowing that someone had taken all three jars.

"It just stung knowing the purpose was to ripple kindness, compassion, the good stuff because we don't have enough of it."

Murphy shares on November 22, her heart is full again.

"My sister shared it on a few social media sites and she got a message this morning that there was a jar there, So she just popped in and there it was."

It is not the same jar, but a kind hearted resident took it upon themselves to create a jar of positivity to pass on.

Murphy is beyond touched.

"I am really at a loss for words, it sucks that it takes bad to bring out the good in people. It's compassion, it's humanity, it is these moments that would have made Lamont proud."