With summer and warm weather in full swing, it’s important to protect everyone in your family from the heat, including your four-legged best friends.

Dr. Michaela Bartolini with Arrowhead Veterinary Centre says the biggest thing is to never leave your pets in a vehicle on a hot day. “They can get hyperthermic or heat stroke if it's long enough.”

“They can pass away right so or they end up coming to us here in an emergency situation Some of them come out of it and then some of them can have permanent damage.”

If you spot an animal in distress, contact municipal enforcement or the RCMP on the non-emergency number. It is good to include details such as the make, model, and license plate number.

Dr. Bartolini has numerous tips on how to keep your dog safe and healthy during summer days. 

“Walk them in the morning or late at night when it's cool. Probably morning would be the best time. Make sure they have lots of access to water.”

“We've actually seen this already this year, the last week or so of we're seeing some dogs that have come in with burns on their pads because it doesn't take long.

“How to know if your dog can’t walk on it,  put your hand on the asphalt, concrete, or whatever it is. If it's too hot for you to keep your hand on for five to 10 seconds, don't take them out on it or they need protective booties.”

The heat can also affect different breeds in different ways. Short snout dogs could find breathing or panting difficult.