As the cold snap continues remember household pets are suffering as well.  

Household pets with arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, or hormonal imbalances may have a harder time regulating their body temperature. Leaving pets outside in the extreme cold can cause serious injury or death. Even though going outside is necessary for most four legged friends there are some guidelines you should follow,

  • know your pets' tolerance to cold. Long haired and thick coated dog breeds are bred for colder climates

  • keep walks as short as possible

  • if you are putting sweaters or boots on the pets, make sure they fit well and are dry

  • check frequently for cracked paw pads or bleeding

  • use common sense. If it is too cold for you, it is too cold for them

Under the Animal Protection Act it is stated that you need to protect your animals from heat and cold.  Pets can be taken into custody by Cochrane bylaw officers and pet owners can be fined up to $20,000 if the Humane Society feels that reasonable care hasn't been given to a pet.  It is recommended that pets stay indoors as much as possible in extreme cold weather conditions.

Julie Haskill, Town of Cochrane, Communications Advisor, says peace officers can take the animals to be housed at the Humane Society if they suspect animal cruelty or neglect.

"Peace officers in Cochrane enforce the Alberta Protection Act and that legislation defines what responsible pet ownership is. "

Cochrane bylaw services encourage residents to contact them if they suspect there is any animals not recieving due care. For more information, click here.