While the situation in Cochrane during the COVID-19 pandemic is constantly shifting, one constant that Cochranites can rely on is access to their prescriptions. 

Fireside Pharmacy and other local pharmacies are not only making sure they remain fully stocked but will also be providing deliveries for people who may not be able to make it to the pharmacy.

Gunjan Dave, Owner, and pharmacist for Fireside Pharmacy says they are working hard to make sure everyone gets everything they need. “Being proactive, we are trying to get many medications ready. We are also providing deliveries for anyone who can’t come out of their house and for anything they need.”  

“We are here, we are not shutting down. As your healthcare professionals, we will always be there” 

While Dave says it’s important to stock up on needed medication, it’s also important that you do not take more than you need. “Yes you need medications to be stocked up, but try to be fair for everyone. We are ready to help you get everything you need, just make sure you are not just getting over-stocked” 

Fireside Pharmacy is joined by Two Pharmacy and Shoppers Drug Mart by providing deliveries to anyone in town who needs it.