91.5 CochraneNow and PZA Parlour joined forces to Pizza It Forward!

At the end of the month, 91.5 CochraneNow heads into a neighbourhood in Cochrane with a car full of hot and fresh pizza from PZA Parlour. The first pizza goes to someone who was nominated here. From there, that person tells where the next pizza goes and on and on until we run out of pizza.

This month, we traveled around Jumping Pound and surprised families, friends, and neighbours with amazing pizza because we received a lovely nomination for Dawn-Marie.

“Dawn-Marie and her family are some of Cochrane's best citizens. Dawn-Marie is an EA at Elizabeth Barret, her daughter Zoe is a master curler who curls on the UofA team, her husband Larry will drop everything to help a friend or neighbour and their son Max is an amazing volunteer too. This family will drop everything and step up for their community. They will coordinate fundraisers, lead girl guides/boy scout troops, volunteer for all of their kid’s activities, and are all-around amazing people. We hope they can enjoy a free pizza as they deserve it!”

Check out the video below to see Jumping Pound play Pizza It Forward!