For the first time in over a year, couples are hopeful that they can now hold the wedding of their dreams this summer. With stage three of Alberta’s reopening starting on July 1, 2021, weddings can be held completely free of restrictions. 

Alicia Crevier, wedding coordinator and owner of Beyond The Decor says that it’s just recently that people are ready to start planning again.

“In the last, I would say, three weeks or so people are starting to feel hopeful that the summer is going to have weddings and now I'm starting to get calls from my current couples that I've had booked already that carried their wedding forward from last year. Also new inquiries from people who are like, okay, maybe we can do it this year.”

“We are all super excited, especially the people who work in this industry to have the ability to have events and have our couples do their vision and dream come to pass because they've been putting it on hold for. In some cases 12, 13, 14 months.”

When it comes to the big day, She says she is seeing some emerging trends for 2021 weddings. 

“I know the hot thing would probably be like a boho style, the simplicity. I feel like couples are really wanting to keep it simple they just don't want anything complicated or too over the top. Simple decorations, simple decor, simple flowers.”

“Also I feel like there's a move back to the grassroots of like nature and incorporating that within table settings even."

Erin Shepley WeddingsPhoto credit - Erin Shepley Weddings

Crevier says she is seeing a lot of couples go for an indoor ceremony and moving outdoors for the reception portion.

When it comes to planning the big day, she says that couples should be treating it like the big event that it is.

“The most important thing is just making sure everything's coordinated. If you don't have an event plan, it's really hard to execute something like this without having some sort of a timeline, without having some sort of coordination of vendors. You need to have something written down, something that is tangible that you could pass on to someone to execute for you.”