Lives with Less Plastic is putting out a month-long challenge for ways to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics and embrace sustainable lifestyle practices.

For each day in August, the local organization challenges residents to take on challenges that reduce the use of plastics. Some are lofty targets, but several are easy to incorporate into everyday life.

Organization founder Jade Janzen says the idea is to encourage people to reduce their waste and environmental input. 

"Overall, all these challenges for each day in August will enable people to reduce their environmental footprint," says Janzen.

"Hopefully, people will remember these, and they will create habits from this calendar, and they'll continue to do them."

For example, she says  people are challenged to place reuseable shopping bags on Aug. 2, so they won't have to use single-use plastics ones.

On Aug. 21, people are encouarge to only use things that can be recycled or composted.

"Maybe you go and buy some fruit and vegetables., so you buy fruits and vegetables that aren't in plastic."

A visit to the Cochrane Farmers' Market is the challenge for Aug. 8, and doubles as an opportunity to support local producers.

The calendar is below, and more information on the organization can be found here.

Lives With Less Plastics is also holding their second garabge cleanup on Aug. 16. Their first one was held in the Quarry shopping district on June 17. Video footage was shot that will be used in a documentary on recycling in Alberta.