It was a full house at the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board meeting on June 20.

Around 50 residents came to Council Chambers to express grievance over the proposed 6 storey Points West Senior's complex. The meeting was postponed due to time restraints, but the final decision will rest in the hands of the appeal board which consists of five members at large and Cochrane Councillors Mary Lou Eckmeier and Ross Watson.

The developer was represented by Bishop McKenzie Lawyer Jerrit Pawlyk who says his client appreciated the chance to present.

"My client appreciates the opportunity to present its position to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, but as the hearing is still open, we cannot comment further at this time."

'Not in my backyard' was the message Fireside residents conveyed at the meeting.

Nicole Frandsen a resident of Fireside says no one is against senior living but most residents were under the assumption that the building was not going to be 6 storeys high.

Topping the list for residential concerns were light pollution, privacy, safety, and traffic.

Residents feel that the sun/shade study presented by Points West representation Pawlyk was not accurate because the study just reflected the time of year of the equinox.

"When you look at the shadow study that goes through November, December, January, February there are houses on the (Fireside) Place that will be completely in shadow basically all day long. So that means in winter time when we don't have as much sunlight that you're home will actually not get any."

Traffic and parking will likely be a nightmare as well; one resident did a sample traffic study and the results were shocking, shares Frandsen

"He counted traffic on three separate days at three separate times with how many vehicles were coming in and out of that entrance in Fireside and it was over 500 for one hour one day."

The board granted an opportunity for many residents to share their thoughts and concerns, and Frandsen says the community feels hopeful that the town will support them.

"There was a lot of feeling that it seemed like the board really seemed to empathize with our position We really felt like we were heard, we really felt that the board really was interested in what we had to say, and the fact that they left and didn't close the meeting and (we) had the opportunity to submit our speaking points in writing."

The board will review all recieved documents and decide how to proceed; a final decision date is unknown at this time.