A recent ruling made by the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) denied the appeal made by Points West Living.

Points West Living brought forth an appeal stating the reasons why the decision regarding the reduction of building height from 6 to 4 storeys in their seniors living complex in Fireside should be overturned.

Representing Points West Living, Bishop Mackenzie Lawyer Jerrit Pawlyk presented sun shadow effects, land use bylaw terms, as well as stating the land use bylaw at the time of the develop permit decision should apply.

Fireside residents packed Council Chambers on June 20, stating residents in Cochrane (not just in Fireside) don't want to see 6 storey buildings. Many residents within Fireside voiced concerns of: sun shadows, traffic, parking, light pollution, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

SDAB reviewed all the information and voted in favour to uphold it's original decision of keeping the building to four storeys.

As to which direction Points West will go, remains unknown.

Pawlyk says his client at this time is still reviewing the decision and considering options.

Drew Hyndman, Town of Cochrane Senior Manager, Development Services, says when it comes to options Points West has a couple to consider.

"The options for Points West would be to proceed with the proposal for the four storey building and that may involve a potential re-design of that four storey building or they could also reapply for a different application, which we would evaluate and that is really their two options."

Hyndman comments that parking could be part of a redesign scenario, but says the town would work with the developer to find a workable solution.

"They had indicated previously their concerns with having underground parking with only four storeys of development that they would perhaps bring some of that parking to the surface and put it to the north portion of the property, however, we would work with them once they submit an application and we would keep the residents informed throughout the process."

Hyndman adds that landscaping requirements will still need to be met by the developer.

"We would work with the developer as well as the adjacent community on this proposal."

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